Rape Resistance Survey – Respondents Wanted

19 03 2010

This was received by news@nwmaf.org and passed along by Anne Kuzminsky. The website housing this survey, Rape Resistance, is certainly worth looking at as it also has a large academic reading list.  Their Self-Defense page, however, could use some help . . . so check out their site, and pass along the link for the survey.

> Dear NWMAF,

> Dr. Patricia Rozee, a well known rape researcher, and myself are
> conducting a research project on examining characteristics of rape
> resistance strategies in completed and attempted rapes.  We hope to
> document the most effective strategies in preventing future rapes.
> Our research is through California State University, Long Beach. We
> are looking for women, 18 years old or older, who have experienced
> rape or attempted rape, to take an anonymous, online survey that
> takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.
> I see that you have a newsletter and would like to know if you could
> promote this research on your next newsletter. We will also be
> placing a link on our site to the organizations that helped promote
> this survey.
> If you would like to see our survey, it is located at the following
> link:
> Thank you so much,
> Michelle McKenzie




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