Can Self Defense Classes be Instituted in Schools?

21 03 2010

Ellen Snortland has often been in the media advocating for making personal safety and self defense a required class in high schools.  Her article One Too Many in the Pasadena Weekly as well as her spotlight on National Public Radio points to the murder of Chelsea King as yet another reason too many to teach kids how to defend themselves.  Kudos to Ellen for (again, and again, and again) articulately pointing out that critical element missing in most people’s education.




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22 03 2010
Lynne Marie

Yes, yes, yes! I love Ellen’s work promoting personal safety and self defense in the public schools. And I believe that self defense training can begin at home with even younger children. As the NPR article points out, assaults are often halted by strong verbal responses. Parents can nurture their children’s development of mental, verbal and boundary-setting self defense skills much earlier than they might believe.

I wrote up another story from my adventures in self-defense parenting on my blog last week:

Hooray, Ellen!

25 03 2010
Kim Rivers

Yes, yes, here too. I have been teaching self-defense at my local community college for about 10 years now. It is amazing to see the transformation and connection the students make over the ten-week course. It is also shocking to see that for many young women, this is their first exposure to the idea that they have the right to even consider protecting themselves. Contrast this against the fact that by then they have likely had some situation that has happened (and sometimes numerous) in which they could have used those skills.

Hooray Ellen and everyone!

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