Tech Tip: Finding the Right Words

26 03 2010

If you are wondering how to attract more online attention to your website or blog, from both human eyes and search engines, there are several tools to help.

Google’s keyword tools are at You can type in a key word or phrase and see the recent search volume.  For example, I typed in “self defense” and got a list of related keywords.  This gives you a way to gauge interest in specific topics, as well as pick more appropriate words to use in your web text.  “Women self defense” was searched for 27,100 times in February (using Google), while “best martial art for self defense” only received 720 search requests.

Another Google tool looks at your website and suggests keywords ( You type in your website URL, and Google spits back a list of what is considers appropriate keywords that web users use.  It can also give you a sense if you’re saying in your web text what searchers are looking for.  For example, if you want to attract women looking for “self defense” and this tool tells you that good keywords for your site are “building self esteem,” you may consider editing your site to include more self-defense phrases or focus on the self esteem-building aspects of your classes.




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