Introducing your SDIC planning committee: Linda Ramzy Ranson

25 04 2010

If you have to go to an all day meeting, it should include plenty of color-coded post-it notes and a perpetual supply of your mom’s homemade cookies.  Even better, it should get kicked off by an impromptu round of Speed Self Defense with Shihan Linda Ramzy Ranson.

Such was my great good fortune when the SDIC planning committee met last weekend.  I have known Shihan Ramzy from a distance for over twenty years, but it was an absolute delight to spend the day enjoying her wisdom, expertise, warmth and humor.

Shihan Ramzy is an 8th degree black belt in Fuji Ryu Jujutsu with over 35 years’ experience in the martial arts and women’s self defense.   She is an alumnus of the NWMAF Board of Directors and hosted Special Training 1993, which was attended by a record-setting 567 women.

Shihan Ramzy is the Founder and CEO of the Women’s Empowerment Self Defense Academy (W.E.S.D.A.)  She has travelled internationally conducting self defense workshops in France, the Netherlands and Canada.  For ten years, Shihan Ramzy served as Chief Instructor and Lecturer for Domestic Violence and Rape Prevention at Princeton University.  She has appeared on 20/20 and in Time Magazine.

Participants in the 2010 Self Defense Instructors’ Conference will enjoy Shihan Ramzy’s infectious high energy in three related sessions she is calling Speed Self Defense.  Speed Self Defense I: Physical will challenge the self defense instructor’s inventory of physical skills, reflexes, speed and targetting.  Participants should get ready to take the material seriously and themselves lightly as Shihan Ramzy pushes the limits of their physical self defense literacy.

In Speed Self Defense II: Verbal and Speed Self Defense III: Your Questions Answered Shihan Ramzy will convene a diverse group of experts for a rapid tour through verbal self defense skills and “every thing you ever wanted to know about self defense but didn’t know who to ask.”   These sessions will feature a small teacher to student ratio, ensuring individual instruction, one-on-one feedback, and lots of time to practice your skills.

We are also thrilled that Shihan Ramzy has agreed to lead a workshop on Weapons and What Ifs? If you dread the moment when your students ask, “What if he has a gun?” this class will empower you with knowledge and skills to effectively teach self defense against weapons.

Shihan Ramzy has been connected to the National Women’s Martial Arts Federation for thirty years, but has not been present at the last few Special Trainings. We are enormously fortunate to have her on board for the Self Defense Instructors’ Conference as a planning committee member and a trainer.  Please join me in welcoming her and register for the conference today for a chance to train with our esteemed foremother.




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