Do You Want to Improve Your E-Newsletter’s Open Rate?

26 04 2010

The bad news:  only about a third of your e-newsletter’s recipients will open your email.  This is true if the recipient enthusiastically subscribed, or if the recipient is a member of your organization.  If this is an unsolicited email, it has about the same chance of being read as one saying you won the Swiss lottery.

Many people today are finding that they are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of email and other electronic communications (including the outrageous amount of spam that still seems to seep through filters).  They triage their emails, and may or may not get to yours if it’s not critical.

I’ve recently found that the open rate of my e-newsletter seems highest when I schedule them to send on a Tuesday morning.  A free metrics report from MailingMailing (that I read after sending my last newsletter) says that Monday is the best day to send e-newsletters.  So I’ll be testing that Monday send in the near future and update you in a few months.




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