What drives your SDIC planning committee?

3 05 2010

Planning committee members Sally Johnson Van Wright summarizes our vision thus:

A passionate vision drives NWMAF’s 2010 Self-Defense Instructors Conference, offering chances to:

 Confirm your knowledge
 Enhance your skills, and
 Learn something new.

With offerings specifically suited to both seasoned SD Instructors and those newer to the field, the conference will be intense, exciting, and highly interactive. The agenda will keep everyone moving in both a literal and a learning sense. Facilitated networking and mentoring will encourage everyone to tailor her experience to her own professional development needs.

Self-Defense today requires a multi-level feminist approach, an anti-racist analysis, well-honed practical skills, and the ability to deliver these effectively in many settings. To all attendees, the organizers pledge: there is room for your truth. Given that what works in one neighborhood may simply not fit in another, the voices of all participants will co-create the framework of Self-Defense. This will happen in deeply respectful, honoring ways, as there is no room for shaming each other. Come prepared to learn, grow, laugh, move, and share your unique experiences. We guarantee you’ll be glad you did.

~Your Planning Committee,
Lynne Marie Wanamaker, Sally Van Wright, and Linda “Ramzy” Ranson.




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