Considering certification?

6 05 2010

Are you considering becoming certified by the National Women’s Martial Arts Federation as a Women’s Self Defense Instructor? If so, you do not want to miss the Self Defense Instructors’ Conference. The conference will feature support for women seeking certification, including:

Consultations with members of the certification board. Bring your application in progress for feedback and advice.

Intensive, facilitated networking opportunities. Plan to meet mentors and peers in our interactive sessions.

Immediately applicable skills and information. Not sure what the Feminist Empowerment Model of Self Defense looks like in practice? There’s a session for that. Strong on physical skills but need a methodology for delivering verbal self defense? There’s a session for that. Still thinking about how feminism, anti-oppression work and self-defense inform each other? There a session for that. Have questions about teaching self defense you’ve never known who to ask? There’s a session for that.

If you’re still wondering what certification can do for you, check out these video testimonials from certified instructors. (You can also look forward to meeting and learning from many of these women at the conference!)

The conference runs from Tuesday July 13-Thursday July 15. Register today at




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