Back by Popular Demand: Erin Weed at SDIC!

1 06 2010

I watched Erin Weed at work a few years back at a Massachusetts high school.  I sat in the lecture hall as several hundred teenage girls filed in to take their seats all around me.  Several rolled their eyes and remarked sarcastically that they knew all they needed to know about self-defense when they saw the power-point slide revealing their surprise guest speaker and her topic displayed at the front of the hall.

As the saying goes, she had them, very nearly, from “hello”, with her engaging mix of warmth, humor, compassion, and information.  She kept this entire audience captivated and in control, even having them all stand up and practice a simple verbal boundary setting exercise and physical self-defense sequence during her hour and a half speech.  Many of the girls wanted to explore more self-defense training after her speech, which they were able to do from the local NWMAF Self-Defense Teachers who were subsequently hired by the high school to provide follow up instruction.  That was Erin working her magic, and collaborating with the rest of us during the process.

I am honored and delighted to announce that my friend and ally in this work, Erin Weed will be returning to the Self-Defense Instructors’ Conference this summer to offer two workshops:  one on Marketing, and another on Public Speaking, as they pertain to the world of Women’s Self-Defense.  Please read her bio, below, and join us this July at Swarthmore College for SDIC and ST by registering at

Erin Weed’s sorority sister was murdered at Eastern Illinois University in 2001.  This tragedy inspired her to abandon her career in TV broadcasting and study all aspects of women’s safety and self-defense.  After training with the best violence prevention experts in the world, Erin created Girls Fight Back, a seminar given at high schools and colleges across the United States to empower young women through safety and self-defense education. She has spoken to over a half million young women since 2001, and authored a book titled Girls Fight Back! The College Girl’s Guide to Protecting Herself (Penguin Group, 2010).  Erin has been featured in media including: CNN, The CBS Early Show, Ladies Home Journal, The New York Times, Glamour, The Washington Post and Marie Claire. She was given the Hometown Hero award by John Walsh (Founder of America’s Most Wanted) and named Best Female Performer 2009 by Campus Activities Magazine. In addition to speaking and writing books, Erin serves as Executive Director of the Girls Fight Back Foundation, a non-profit organization that promotes personal safety and self-defense education and activism among young women.




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