Preventing Hate

6 06 2010

This year, a tragedy in a small town in western Massachusetts ignited a national conversation about bullying.  There has been a lot of air time devoted to the question of how communities can address the violence called bullying and the underlying issues of intolerance and incivility that foment it.

As a self-defense instructor, I understand instinctively that principles central to the Feminist Empowerment Model of Self Defense—including cultural competency, an understanding of the political context of violence, and effective verbal and boundary setting skills—have a place in this conversation.  But as I watched the pundits prattle on this year, I longed for a dialogue with someone whose expertise is in anti-bias work and positive cultural change.

This is why I am so excited to announce that K. Barrett Wilkinson of the Center for Preventing Hate will speak at SDIC.

Center for Preventing Hate

The Center for Preventing Hate was formed in 1999 with a mission to work with community members to prevent and respond to bias, harassment and violence by providing training, education and advocacy in schools, communities and workplaces. Our objective is to create safety.  We first raise awareness of the devastating impact of bias, then empower community members of all ages with the knowledge and the strategies to reduce that bias and to positively impact the culture around them. 

The Center’s work comes alive in this inspiring video featuring their Unity Project:

The Center for the Prevention of Hate Violence from Ben Lizzotte on Vimeo.

Kate Barrett Wilkinson, MPP

Barrett is the Research Specialist and Facilitator for the Center for Preventing Hate in Portland, Maine. Prior to joining the Center, Barrett worked for Seeds of Peace International Camp working with youth from South and Central Asia on conflict resolution. Her training and facilitation background include expertise in violence prevention with youth and adults, development of youth led initiatives, diversity awareness education, and dialogue based conflict resolution. Her work has led her all over New England, throughout the U.S. and to Northern Ireland. Barrett has a BA in Psychology and a Masters degree in Public Policy and Management.




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