Celebrating certified instructors at SDIC ’10!

28 06 2010

You can save late fees on SDIC and ST by registering by June 30!  Go to www.nwmaf.org to register now.

I want to bring your attention to two additional workshops offered at SDIC this year.  We’re very proud to highlight the leadership of NWMAF veterans and Certified Self Defense Instructors.

Thousand Waves’ Assertive Communication Skill Building Workshop—Kate Webster

Assertive communication is a key component of the feminist empowerment model for teaching self-defense as outlined by the NWMAF. Yet, how do we teach role plays that challenge, but don’t overwhelm participants in learning these skills? This interactive workshop introduces audience members to a skill building methodology that we use at Thousand Waves to teach assertive communication and to explore the breadth and depth of this skill.

This workshop is appropriate for newer self defense instructors who are curious about how to systematically teach verbal self defense skills.  It will also inspire experienced instructors through its comprehensive and organized approach.

The full workshop description is posted at www.nwmaf.org.

“But I’m Not Sorry I Did It! “ with Sally Johnson Van Wright

This workshop will address the emotional and learning concerns of those women in self-defense classes who have committed serious aggression. For these students, learning about how to actively create safety can be tied up with great ambivalence and the legacy of having hurt others. What do some of the women in jail convicted of violent crimes have to say about their actions? What dilemmas arise for self-defense instructors when class participants view violence as a means of problem-solving, communication, or demonstration of their toughness? How does vulnerability to criminal justice involvement affect women’s options, surely some more than others? How can self-defense instructors best understand and address these experiences in classes?

This workshop will actively engage attendees and may raise more questions than answers. It is a unique addition to our SDIC line up.  You can read more about Sally and all the SDIC presenters at www.nwmaf.org.

Community Self Defense Teaching Lab

It’s not too late to join the team!  For the first time in NWMAF/SDIC history, our conference will include an opportunity for Lab Teaching.  Under the direction of Sonya Richardson and Janet Aalfs, a team of SDIC participants will visit Y-HEP, a community youth organization in Philadelphia, to deliver a self defense workshop in the feminist empowerment model.  Email Lynne Marie Wanamaker (trainer “at” compassionateconditioning.com) ASAP to join the fun.




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