Resources Available from Thousand Waves

1 07 2010

Are you looking for good handouts for your self-defense classes?  Or looking for inspiration?  Visit this Thousand Waves Violence Prevention Public Resources web page.  Nancy Lanoue, Marie O’Brien, and their team have put together almost a dozen sheets on the Five Fingers of Self-Defense approach, assertive communication, self-care, how to pick an appropriate program for you, and much more!  They are allowing the use and distribution of this material through a Creative Commons license.

And don’t miss Nancy Lanoue’s presentation at this year’s Self-Defense Instructors’ Conference in Swarthmore.  If you haven’t signed up yet, now’s the time (conference begins in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS)!




One response

2 07 2010

Thousand Waves’ Kate Webster also presents at this year’s SDIC. She’ll be sharing Thousand Waves’ approach to teaching verbal self defense skills. This is an exceptionally well-organized curriculum that will give new instructors and veterans a solid framework within which to deliver these important self defense competencies.

Thanks to Nancy, Marie, Kate and all of Thousand Waves for your leadership and generosity! See you at SDIC!

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