Missives from the Self Defense Instructors’ Conference

13 07 2010

We have a live report from SafetyNet editor Lauren Taylor, at the Self-Defense Instructors’ Conference in Swarthmore College, PA:

Just a few hours into the annual conference we’ve learned from Johanna Hattendorf how to listen deeply and build community, from Shihan Linda Ranson how to hit hard and FAST (as well as how to get a gun away from an attacker in under 2 seconds) and from Holla Back DC organizers Chai Shenoy and Shannon Lynberg how to use technology to increase perpetrator accountability for harassment in public spaces. (There’s more but we haven’t perfected the super power of being in more than one place at a time yet!)

What do YOU want to learn? If you can’t join us this year for the conference, join us virtually and we’ll share skills.

Many many thanks to organizers Lynne Marie Wanaker, Sally Van Wright, and Linda Ramzy Ranson and director Anne Kuzminsky for an incredible effort in pulling all this together.

Stay tuned for updates as they come in!




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