Self defense teachers’ conference grand finale

15 07 2010

Another peek at some highlights of the annual gathering from on-site blogger Lauren Taylor of Defend Yourself in DC:

With wisdom in the fields of self defense, psychology, and violence against women, Darlene Defour  of the Harlem School of JuJutsu and Self Defense in New York City helped teachers recognize “micro aggressions” in daily life, especially racist ones, that happen routinely, and helped us strategize about how we can interrupt them and help our students to do the same.

And for the grand finale, Alex Trebek wannabe Linda Ramzy Ranson of the Women’s Empowerment Self Defense Academy in the Bronx, New York, led a heavyweight  experienced panel (Jaye Spiro, Nancy Lanoue, Carol Middleton, Sonya Richardson, Darlene Defour, Janet Aalfs , Martha Thompson and more) in a speedy session of Q&As on self defense teaching. All those teaching questions you have? Here’s where to get them answered! For example:

Q: How do you reach seniors? A: Gerontologists and bingo games

Q: What would you do with 50 teens in one group who can’t pay attention? A: Set it up with the organizers to have two groups, each with two instructors

Q: What do you teach if the target is pinned face down and the attacker is planning to penetrate her from behind? A: Use your hips, or wait for a better moment to move.

Q: How do you avoid burnout? A: Listening to my students, relying on my other instructors, regular massages…

These are only a small sample of the questions asked and a ridiculously condensed version of the answers. But I hope it’s enough to give the flavor of the range of support, wisdom and inspiration available through NWMAF’s network of self defense instructors at the conference and year-round. We’re tentatively scheduled for the third week in July 2011. Stay tuned to Safety Net for more details, and hope to see you there!




One response

16 07 2010
Brenda Jones

What an amazing conference! Many thanks to the coordinators, Lynne Marie, Sally, & Linda, and thanks to Anne for giving us the opportunity to learn for women within & beyond the women’s SD community. It’s very exciting to have this glimpse at how our work can really impact so many communities. AND how the work of many, many activists in so many movements can (and do!) impact our work!

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