In The News: Joanne Factor/Strategic Living

24 12 2010

Here’s a link to a snippet of audio that was broadcast live on Seattle’s KOMO Radio Tuesday Dec 22, 2010.  This interview happened because of a rash of attacks on women running or walking around popular parks in Seattle.

I asked to producer who contacted me how they found and picked me to be on the air.  Seems I just popped online. Easy to find website, credible with lots of current content, and other links back to me.  I asked the producer to send me this audio file, and he did. So I put it on my blog, put the link into my Facebook page status, and will add it to my website before the end of this weekend. It will also likely make it into my monthly e-newsletter. The lesson is that any publicity can live longer than the 5 minutes it was on the airwaves, just be sure to obtain a usable file and distribute it.

BTW, I’ll be presenting a workshop about online marketing at this coming AWMAI conference. Hope to see you there.




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