In The News: Seattle’s Strategic Living

1 02 2011

Last night I was contacted by a TV reporter (Gary Horcher of KIRO 7). The motivation for this story is the rash of assaults on women runners/joggers in some of Seattle’s most popular areas.  I asked Mr. Horcher how he found me, and he said he’d phoned a few martial arts schools looking for someone who was teaching a self-defense class that evening. Someone (he couldn’t recall who) gave him my web address. He read over my website and liked the content. Since I was teaching a class that night, it worked out perfectly.

The moral of this story (lifted from Kurt Vonnegut): some day information will need to change hands. Be available so that you are more likely to be in the middle.




2 responses

2 02 2011

Always a shame that media attention to safety is so low until there’s a “crisis”. But so excellent that the news found you (and you were available). Many more women will get self-defense training as a result. Great piece!

2 02 2011

Thanks, Mona. It is too bad that media attention goes to a crisis, and it’s almost always stranger assaults that grab attention. Those more common — and messy — issues of acquaintance assault consistently get overlooked.

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