The Challenge

29 03 2011

It’s simple. Really. I’m almost embarrassed to call this a “challenge,” but it is.

If you are an NWMAF supporter you know how much value and growth you get out of the NWMAF, Special Training, the Self-Defense Instructors Conference, and even this blog. Isn’t it worth keeping your cohorts and colleagues in the martial arts up-to-date on this AWESOME organization? I’m asking you to SPREAD THE WORD, and here’ how to do it, early and often.

You’ve already seen that two SDIC presenters have been profiled on this blog, and there’s more to come. We’ve made it easy to share these as they are released. Most, if not all, blogs have this technology.

At the bottom of this post are buttons to share via Facebook, Twitter, email, and a few others. So if you are on Facebook, please “like” these posts.  If you are on Twitter, please “tweet” (or “retweet”) them. Email these posts to your friends. Print them out (there is a Print button!) and post it on your school’s bulletin board. Just one or two clicks of a mouse or trackpad, almost no effort on your part.  Yet if enough of us take the few seconds to click, just imagine how far and wide word of the AMAZING training that awaits us will spread (how deep into that “6 degrees of separation” can we get — think we can reach the White House?). This is viral marketing (which is GOOD, and nothing like a computer virus which is bad). And think of how much your colleagues and cohorts will appreciate your keeping them up on a cutting-edge conference.

Within the next few weeks, more posts about SDIC and ST trainers will be appearing. Please share.

NWMAF’s success comes down to you. Really.




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