Tech Tip: Paper Disposal

1 04 2011

Today is April 1st, and what immediately springs to mind is . . .  spring cleaning.

Really, how many of us don’t have enough paper? How many of us, especially around tax time and if you run a school, aren’t up to our eyeballs in forms and pamphlets and statements Who among us isn’t just a bit weary of mounds of former forest, just sitting there, generating constant reminders of how far behind we are in our paperwork and how much bigger our carbon footprint has become?

If this describes you, then this product will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!  The Minecraft USB Desktop Nether Portal takes care of all those “important” documents and dissertations.  Sure, you can just recycle your excess paper products, or leave them in a corner of your yard for the mice and squirrels to nest in. But this Desktop Nether Portal will dispose of them efficiently, without big trucks rumbling through your street or neighbors complaining of the increase in vermin.  As an EXTRA BONUS, the soft purple glow and hum are strongly soothing, and you will quickly relax, knowing your important papers are appropriately filed.

ORDER TODAY for only $39.99, and enjoy the rest of your first day in April!




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