Money for Nothing

5 04 2011

Today’s post is from Patrick Williams of You Rock! Communications. Modified only slightly to speak to the self-defense teacher. This tip is useful not only when a potential student contacts you about your program, but equally important, when teaching an interactive class to better engage your students.

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One of the biggest hit songs of the 80’s was “Money For Nothing” by Dire Straits. Chances are good you’ve heard it a few times.

What most people don’t know is that band leader and lyricist Mark Knopfler didn’t have to work very hard to write the song.

Knopfler overheard a conversation in an electronics store where two employees were discussing what they saw on the showroom televisions, all of which were tuned to MTV.  He quickly jotted down the banter, then repeated it virtually word-for-word in the song. The song become a big hit because anyone who isn’t a rock star could relate to the message.

Unknowingly, Knopfler tapped into one of the strongest selling techniques in the word, and you can use it to make selling easier than ever.

The technique is simply this: speak your customer’s language!

If you talk too far above a potential student, you’ll lose them. The same thing happens if you talk beneath them. Listen to what words they use to express their safety concerns, and use those.  Try to match the verbal style of your students and clients as closely as you can, and they will be more comfortable and open with you. Repeat some of the same phrases they use and you will help them trust you to guide them in making the right choice of class or program.

If you offer classes to companies, do a little research on their industry and make sure you use some of the same terminology they typically encounter every day. This suggests to prospects that you are knowledgeable about their unique business and might have valuable insights to share.

The truth is there is no such thing as ‘money for nothing’; but, when you mirror and match your customer’s language, you’ll start closing more business than you would without it.

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