Teaching Middle School Girls with Zoey Zotigh at SDIC-ST 2011

10 04 2011

If you are feeling a bit disconnected from your middle school years, yet would like to build more skills around teaching self-defense to girls in this age group, come to SDIC-ST 2011 and join presenter Zoey Zotigh for a workshop on “Developing a Self-Defense Program for Middle School Girls.”

Zoey Zotigh has been training in the martial arts since 2007 at Hand to Hand Kajukenbo Self Defense Center in Oakland, California.  She is also a member of the Self-Defense Program at Hand to Hand, and has assisted and taught classes for adults, high school, middle school, and elementary school aged people.

Zoey is fortunate to work with students and adults from a wide variety of situations and backgrounds, and says that this involvement provides her the opportunity to work and live with an open mind and heart towards everyone.

For the past seven years Zoey has been working with middle school students, and knows that self-defense is incredibly important for people at this age.  Self-defense classes have been extremely effective in reducing the number of conflicts at the middle school campus where she works as an after school coordinator.

Please see Zoey’s workshop description, below, and go to http://www.nwmaf.org/ to register for SDIC-ST 2011 today!

“Developing a Self-Defense Program For Middle School Girls,” with Zoey Zotigh

Girls face a lot of challenges in today’s world.  A self-defense program at the middle school level empowers them to develop assertiveness, courage, and trust in their own intuition and abilities.

During this workshop, we’ll explore exercises and drills to teach this age group verbal and physical self-defense skills in a safe and supported way.  In addition, we’ll gain insight into how middle school students behave, and consider why and how this behavior can work to our advantage in teaching self-defense.  We’ll also have a chance to practice what we’ve learned, and to discuss ways to set up after school and community-based programs.

By developing programs for middle school age students, we can build bridges to our youth and empower them to say “I am worth defending.”




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