Ann Burke, and Dating Violence Education, Coming to SDIC-ST 2011

4 05 2011

If you haven’t already registered for SDIC-ST 2011, this next presenter announcement will send you reaching for your computer keyboard… 

Ann Burke has acted with courage and persistence to turn her family’s personal tragedy into an opportunity to insure that our children, school personnel, and families in the public school system are educated about the realities of teen dating violence.  We are honored that she will be sharing her work with us in July at SDIC-ST 2011, and that our self-defense teachers, parents, and martial artists will have an opportunity to attend her sessions and learn more about how to recognize and respond to the signs of relationship violence.  We’ll also have an opportunity to hear how she has successfully worked to pass Dating Violence Legislation. 

Ann Burke is a registered nurse with a Master’s Degree in Health Education. She has worked for the past 24 years as a school nurse-teacher and, more recently, as a middle school health teacher in South Kingstown, Rhode Island. After the 2005 murder of her 23 year old daughter, Lindsay, a victim of dating violence, she founded the Lindsay Ann Burke Memorial Fund whose mission is to support the prevention of dating / domestic violence through education. She provides free workshops to health teachers in Rhode Island and donates free curriculum materials to their schools. In addition, she offers free dating violence workshops to school staff and parents. The fund also sponsors a yearly teen dating violence poster contest for Rhode Island high school students and has created a professionally-made training DVD. Ann also created a website  specifically for health teachers to use as a resource tool.

To honor Lindsay’s life, Ann has chosen to speak out and help others become educated about teen dating abuse. She firmly believes that schools have a responsibility to give students the knowledge and tools to recognize the signs of dating abuse in order to help themselves and others, and to have policies in place to protect all students. Ann worked for passage of the Lindsay Ann Burke Act, which passed in 2007.  This law requires all schools in Rhode Island to teach about dating violence through a comprehensive health education program from grades 7 through 12. It also requires training of school staff, creation of a dating violence policy, and recommends parent trainings.

After presenting to the National Association of Attorneys General and the National Foundation of Women Legislators, both organizations passed resolutions supporting Lindsay’s law and dating violence education in all states. In July, 2009, the state of Nebraska passed the Lindsay Ann Burke Act and in December, 2009, the state of Ohio passed the Tina Croucher Act, based on Lindsay’s law. Presently, there are several other states including the state of Pennsylvania either actively pursuing similar legislation or working towards that end.

Ann and her husband also co-founded the Love Is Not Abuse Coalition, along with the Liz Claiborne Corporation. Ann works with all of these organizations to help enact similar laws in other states. On June 10, 2009 Ann testified before the United States Senate Judiciary Committee, chaired by Senator Patrick Leahy, during their hearing on “The Continued Importance of the Violence Against Women Act.”  She testified as to the importance of prevention of dating / domestic violence through education and specifically urged Congress to fully fund the STEP (Supporting Teens Through Education and Protection) program. This program, part of VAWA, would provide money for training school personnel, developing policies, and supporting victims.

Please see Ann’s workshop descriptions, below, and register at NWMAF’s website for SDIC-ST 2011 today!

“Dating Violence: What Every Person Needs to Know,” with Ann Burke

Did you know that one in three teens experiences some kind of abuse in their relationships? Did you ever wonder why victims of relationship violence stay with their abusive partners?  Learn information you need to know about this major health problem, from statistics to how to help a victim.  Crucial information, such as the cycle of abuse, effects on the victim, how to help, and why teens are so vulnerable, are all included.  The best way to protect yourself and others is through prevention, and prevention starts with knowing all the facts.  Join us for a frank discussion of dating violence.

“Dating Violence: Making a Difference Through Education and Legislation,” with Ann Burke

Lindsay Ann Burke, a victim of dating violence, was brutally tortured and murdered in 2005.  As a victim, Lindsay paid the ultimate price.  But Lindsay’s family was also victimized, and had to learn how to live with the tremendous loss and effects of trauma.  Ann Burke shares her story of survival, her personal fight for legislation requiring dating violence education in schools, and how everyone can educate teens and parents through the use of basic curriculum materials.




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6 05 2011
Mona MacDonald

The line-up of presenters and trainers for SDIC/ST is SO impressive! With each new announcement I’m getting more and more excited about attending — kudos to everyone doing such a great job booking these excellent people!

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