SDIC-ST 2011 with Wendi Dragonfire!

16 06 2011

If you haven’t already registered for SDIC-ST 2011, this next trainer announcement is sure to put you over the edge!  You won’t want to miss an exciting opportunity to train with Wendi Dragonfire, who will be teaching a number of Self Defense Instructors’ Conference and Martial Arts classes July 20 -24 at the College at Brockport, New York!

Wendi Dragonfire is 60 years old and has been training since 1971. A 9th degree Black Belt in Shuri-Ryu Karate and a 2nd degree Black Belt in Modern Arnis, Dragonfire is a direct student of the late Robert A. Trias and the late Professor Remy A. Presas. Her goal has always been, and continues to be, making the martial arts and self-defense accessible to everyone, especially to those who have been marginalized. To that end, Dragonfire, an organizer of local, national and international events, provides accessibility to all practitioners regardless of abilities. Combining the energy work of martial arts with that of Healing Touch has helped Dragonfire to be a better, more compassionate, and more proficient teacher and practitioner.

Dragonfire, a founder of NWMAF, has received many awards and been inducted into several Halls of Fame; however, her proudest award moment was when she became an NWMAF “Award of Excellence” recipient at Special Training 2001. Her proudest moments consist of seeing the women around her ‘becoming’…

Dragonfire spent 4.5 weeks teaching in Israel in February and March of 2011. Students included staff members at El Halev, Tai Chi students in Tel Aviv and Kfar Saba, 8 groups of seniors, GLBT youth who had been kicked out of their families, illegal Filipino immigrants, ex-prostitutes and oh so many more.

Dragonfire loves to teach and invites you all to join her…

Her sessions will include the following, with a selection of SDIC session descriptions listed.  See you all in New York in July!  Inquire about discounted membership rates and camp fees for first time attendees, and spread the word with our website link, camp brochure, and flyer!

 “The Power of Engagement:  Bluffing, Humor, and Distraction,” with Wendi Dragonfire

Explore early intervention strategies. Learn to honor your own awareness and take initiative to reduce tension right away. Use humor and distraction to engage or make a connection as a way to interrupt and deescalate potential conflicts. Tune in to catch cues along the way and learn how exaggeration can help you get past embarrassment as you take charge of your own reactions. Practice saying what you see, using your power to name and frame what is happening in the moment, and honing your ability to set limits. Conscious awareness allows you to change the dynamics of situations in which you feel threatened.

“Adapting Self-Defense,” with Wendi Dragonfire

Learn to adapt self-defense techniques to make them more accessible regardless of age or physicality. Practice how to use your bluff, how to engage, how to use the tools at your disposal to stay safe. Use stereotypes to your advantage in abusive situations. Come with your questions and ideas ready to share information and resources.

“Flow Drills 1: Simple and Effective Flow Drills,” with Wendi Dragonfire

“Defenses Against Random Attacks,” with Wendi Dragonfire

“Kata – Thinking Outside the Box,” with Wendi Dragonfire

“Flow Drills 2: Elbow Flow Drill,” with Wendi Dragonfire

“Sparring for Fun,” with Wendi Dragonfire

“Defenses Against Knife Attacks,” with Wendi Dragonfire




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