Have you ever taken a women’s self defense class? Would you like to? Do you teach martial arts or self defense? Are you looking to network with other women like you?

If these are your questions, you’ve come to the right place for answers.

Since the early 1970’s, the National Women’s Martial Arts Federation has pioneered in the development of self defense instruction, bringing together highly-trained martial artists and women knowledgeable about the issues of violence — enabling them to gain support, share ideas and promote quality programs. We believe that women deserve the highest standards in self defense instructors.

The NWMAF has members across the United States, as well as abroad, who train in martial arts and self defense.  We offer a long weekend training camp each summer (Special Training), plus a two-day conference for self-defense teachers just prior to our annual Special Training summer camp. This stimulating retreat is full of networking, skill sharing, and professional development opportunities.

The inspiration behind this is Shihan Linda “Ramzy” Ranson.  One day she mentioned that she thought the NWMAF self-defense group should have some venue to regularly share news and trends.  This began as a quarterly enews, and is now a blog.  We are also on Facebook and Twitter.

Whether you are just starting out or have been teaching self-defense for years, plan to join us! Highly accomplished leaders have volunteered to facilitate workshops and to mentor women who are working towards NWMAF Self-Defense Instructor Certification. All are welcome!


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17 03 2010

Are there any wing tsun women practitioners in this organization who live in Chicago? Are any of the self-defense workshops ever held in Chicago? Thank you.

17 03 2010

Hi Julie, I don’t know about wing tsun in Chicago, but maybe a reader of this blog can comment with a source. If you were a member of the NWMAF you could use the Member Search feature on the NWMAF website to find members in Chicago.

Locations for the Self-Defense Instructors’ Conference and Special Training rotate each year. We have held these in the Chicago area in the past, and I’m sure will again in the future. Locations are found about a year in advance, so stay tuned to the NWMAF website for info about 2011.

26 06 2010

I did a little bit of research and I found the following schools:




Unfortunately, since I’m not from the area, I can’t vouch for any of these locations, but you do have some options.

22 07 2010
lauren taylor

thousand waves and chicago impact are the two places to go in chicago!

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