No Really Does Mean NO! Worldwide

18 04 2013

Awesome video from our friend and colleague, Lee Sinclair, founder of No Means No Worldwide. They teach self-defense to girls in Nairobi, Kenya. Here are some of their self-defense success stories.

And congrats, Lee, on being the subject of SafetyNet’s 100th post!


Calling All Writers . . .

20 04 2011

This appeared on our Facebook page last week:

Womyn Warrior blog is looking for article contributions. As they say:

Our vision is to build a collaborative of feminist, activist writers who envision and work toward the end of rape culture. Writers critically examining presentations of violence and gender in the media and politics. Writers creating a new standard for research-based and empowering personal safety information. Writers advocating for self defense, “Against Victim-Blaming AND Against Rape.”

Whether you are a violence prevention educator, a sociology student, or a recent graduate of a self defense course. Whether you have time to write one brief article a year, or are in search of a host for your weekly exposés. We want to hear YOUR voice!

Check them out, and consider adding your voice.

When Farm Animals Had More Rights than did Children

13 04 2010

Can you imagine a time when child abuse was not a crime?

This article from the New York Times in December provides a nice, concise story to the beginnings of an organized movement against child abuse.  Ironic that early proponents went to the ASPCA for resources and legal muscle.

This article also illustrates, once again, the critical role of a singular articulate person putting a human face on atrocity.  As a teacher, when you can, weave stories into you lessons — stories where your students can relate to the protagonist!