Webinar Resource on Domestic Violence and Healthy Relationships

21 01 2014

The Northwest Network (in Seattle) is now offering a series of free webinars on various topics related to domestic violence and beyond.  I participated in the first one, which was a powerful combination of DV101 and empowerment model advocacy.  They also have a library of on-demand webinars that are directly relevant to any self-defense instructor  — among the topics are strangulation injuries, and intimate partner stalkers, and battered women charged with crimes.


From their website:  Founded in 1987 by lesbian survivors of battering, the NW Network works to end abuse in our diverse lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans communities. As an organization founded by and for LGBT survivors, we’re deeply committed to fostering the empowerment of all survivors of abuse.  The NW Network increases our communities’ ability to support the self-determination and safety of bisexual, transgendered, lesbian and gay survivors of abuse through education, organizing and advocacy. We work within a broad liberation movement dedicated to social and economic justice, equality and respect for all people and the creation of loving, inclusive and accountable communities.


Online Training for Child Sexual Assault

27 09 2012

Darkness 2 Light offers a low-cost ($10) online training called Stewards of Children for parents, educators, and other adults involved with youth to better recognize child sexual abuse, and give them some tools to interrupt the grooming process or get help for the child. This program began in 2004 as a live presentation, and in 2006 went online to a larger audience.

I began this online training yesterday, and so far it seems fairly basic yet comprehensive. Appears to be a useful educational tool for anyone who works with children.

Have you gone through it? Send in your comment and observations.

If you want to check it out, visit the Darkness 2 Light website and look at the very top for the Online Training Login (next to the social media buttons). Then let us know what you think.

Darkness 2 Light’s mission is to empower people to prevent child sexual abuse. Their programs are intended to raise awareness of the prevalence and consequences of child sexual abuse by educating adults about the steps they can take to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to the reality of child sexual abuse.

Amy Cuddy – powerful body language video

21 11 2011

This video from Harvard’s Amy Cuddy shows how powerful body language is effective. How, in just TWO MINUTES a day, you can change how you are perceived and treated by others.

Amy Cuddy: Power Poses from PopTech on Vimeo.

I’ve been teaching some of this for a while, and it’s good to see this as a resource. AND it can also influence how we are seen as self-defense teachers. Even though Cuddy’s work is more about business, it is easy to translate into a self-defense and personal safety context.

Must-Reads for the Month

7 09 2011

Here are a few items for your reading pleasure.

From the King County Sexual Assault Resource Center (in Western Washington), we have the first publication discussing how to talk with your child about sexual assault. Still highly relevant today, and He Told Me Not to Tell is now available as a free downloadable PDF:


If you want more from KCSARC (including shorter brochures/handouts), then check out this page of PDFs:  http://www.kcsarc.org/content/publications-for-parents-and-caregivers

American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine’s current issue is on the impact of violence on daily life. And, for a short time, you can download/read the articles for free. Great academic resource!


And, on a less academic note, does confronting men on sexist comments really make them nicer? You decide: http://jezebel.com/5837624/study-says-confronting-men-about-sexism-makes-them-nicer

Happy reading!

Coming to SDIC 2011: Marcella Raimondo!

29 03 2011

SDIC-ST 2011 planning is well underway, and we are so excited about the program we have in store! Your Self-Defense Leadership Committee is delighted to announce that Marcella Raimondo will be presenting a workshop about the impact of body image issues and eating disorders on women and girls, how these issues may block our efforts to teach empowerment and self-defense skills, and strategies for overcoming these barriers in our programming.  Please see more information about Marcella and this powerful and informative workshop below, and go to http://www.nwmaf.org/ to register for SDIC-ST 2011 today!  Early arrival SDIC programming starts at 1 PM on Wednesday, July 20, with camp, including lots more SDIC – ST programming, continuing July 21-24!

Marcella Raimondo is a Project Manager for Kaiser Permanente Regional Health Education in Oakland, California, a martial artist, a social justice advocate, and a student. She earned her Masters in Public Health from the University of Michigan, and is a Ph.D. candidate in clinical psychology at Alliant University, San Francisco. She has trained at Hand to Hand Kajukenbo Self Defense Center in Oakland since 2000, and has assisted with self-defense programs there for the past 5 to 6 years.

Marcella was one of the founders of About-Face, a body image and media non-profit. She served as the Media Literacy Director in 2001-2005, and is now an education advisor and researcher.  Marcella has been providing trainings and workshops on the topic of eating disorders and body image for over 15 years. Passionate about multiculturalism and eating disorders, she is pursuing clinical and community work and currently conducts trainings for clinical staff and the community-at-large in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Marcella’s devotion to the field stems from her ten-year battle with anorexia nervosa. Marcella truly believes that recovery is possible, and so is loving yourself.

“When Body Image Issues and Eating Disorders Block Attempts at Empowerment – Strategies for Self-Defense Teachers,” with Marcella Raimondo

Addressing eating disorders and body image issues can greatly strengthen self-defense programs, since devaluing one’s body often blocks any attempts at empowerment for self-protection. The consequences of eating disorders and body image issues are very real and very negative.

There is ample evidence to suggest that these issues can impact physical and mental health, as well as healthy sexual development. When a girl feels badly about her body, she is not likely to take care of it or herself, leaving her at risk for violence and other unwanted behaviors.

This interactive workshop will review the research around eating disorders and body image, focusing on cultural and psychosocial dynamics, especially the media.  The workshop will also include some teaching modalities one can bring to a self-defense workshop for girls.  This workshop is designed to bring participants’ experiences and viewpoints into collaboration, with the aim of proposing strategies to address eating disorders and body image issues in our self-defense programming.

The bystander effect

29 09 2010

Help your students be better interveners–and get help more effectively when they need it. Check out this article on “Why and How We Help.”

Among the fascinating nuggets:
“Bystanders can also break the norm and in this way break the power of the group to ignore a victim’s pleas for help. In a large study of schoolchildren in the third to fifth grades, vulnerable children were less likely to be victimized in classrooms when other children defended them.”

Safety planning via the Internet

11 08 2010

Women who are in abusive relationships need to know about safety planning. Now there’s one more way for them to find it–and find it personalized for them. Researchers at University of Missouri found that an Internet-based program can help women assess the severity of their situations and make safe decisions. The program will be expanded for further study.

(Note also the other great info in the “Related Stories” column on this page.