No Really Does Mean NO! Worldwide

18 04 2013

Awesome video from our friend and colleague, Lee Sinclair, founder of No Means No Worldwide. They teach self-defense to girls in Nairobi, Kenya. Here are some of their self-defense success stories.

And congrats, Lee, on being the subject of SafetyNet’s 100th post!


Free boundaries workshop Thursday night!

11 05 2011

“If you have a hard time saying No, if drawing a line fills you with dread, if you frequently find yourself doing stuff you don’t really want to do, or if you are scared of sounding like a b*tch or a wimp if you set a boundary…”  consider signing up for “Guilt-Free Boundaries.”

Sounds like a great chance to learn some new ways to teach verbal skills—and this woman can do it over the phone! I haven’t taken this workshop (I plan to tomorrow), but I did take an in-person, experiential workshop with her on “Asking For What You Want,” and it was excellent! So why not grab a little professional development? Maybe I’ll “see” you there. –Lauren

Beyond ‘no’: subtleties and complexities of refusal

12 04 2011

Mythcommunication: It’s Not That They Don’t Understand, They Just Don’t Like The Answer

This piece talks about how a direct ‘no’ is disfavored in western/English-speaking culture and how other kinds of refusals are generally clearly understood. It contains thought-provoking insights into what ‘nos’ work and can push us all to honor our students’ myriad ways of saying ‘no’.



Is it abuse?

10 08 2010

Many times, especially if there is no hitting, people have a hard time identifying abusive aspects of their relationships. Here are some  good questions that can help your students think about these issues. The list also can guide us as teachers in helping our students look at their lives.

Students Know Best II

8 05 2010

“’Hey, what are you doing?’” the hand reached out, uninvited, and grabbed my wrist. ‘Please take your hand off me,’ I responded firmly peering into the eyes of the person who was grabbing me….

“This scene was part of a role playing exercise that I participated in at a Defend Yourself introduction to self-defense workshop. … Perpetrators of sexual assault both stranger and acquaintance, Lauren Taylor explained in class, will often times use tactics ‘slowly eroding away at your boundaries.'”

Here’s another great perspective on learning self defense from a student’s view. Tiffany Hearsey wrote a detailed, thoughtful, and analytical article about her experiences at a self defense workshop led by Lauren, an NWMAF certified instructor, on

Students Know Best

6 05 2010

Students can be the best ones to get the word out about what it’s like to learn self defense skills.

Aya, a Tel Aviv University student, wrote about her experience learning with IMPACT and it was posted on the university website (if you read Hebrew you can check it out here). Yudit Sidikman, an NWMAF certified self defense instructor, runs that program.

“How exciting to see the workshop through her eyes and to witness the impact it had on her!” says Yudit.

Consider encouraging your students to share what learning self defense has meant to them, whether by blogging, Twittering, Facebook posts, or just old-fashioned talking to friends!