Webinar Resource on Domestic Violence and Healthy Relationships

21 01 2014

The Northwest Network (in Seattle) is now offering a series of free webinars on various topics related to domestic violence and beyond.  I participated in the first one, which was a powerful combination of DV101 and empowerment model advocacy.  They also have a library of on-demand webinars that are directly relevant to any self-defense instructor  — among the topics are strangulation injuries, and intimate partner stalkers, and battered women charged with crimes.


From their website:  Founded in 1987 by lesbian survivors of battering, the NW Network works to end abuse in our diverse lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans communities. As an organization founded by and for LGBT survivors, we’re deeply committed to fostering the empowerment of all survivors of abuse.  The NW Network increases our communities’ ability to support the self-determination and safety of bisexual, transgendered, lesbian and gay survivors of abuse through education, organizing and advocacy. We work within a broad liberation movement dedicated to social and economic justice, equality and respect for all people and the creation of loving, inclusive and accountable communities.


Free boundaries workshop Thursday night!

11 05 2011

“If you have a hard time saying No, if drawing a line fills you with dread, if you frequently find yourself doing stuff you don’t really want to do, or if you are scared of sounding like a b*tch or a wimp if you set a boundary…”  consider signing up for “Guilt-Free Boundaries.”

Sounds like a great chance to learn some new ways to teach verbal skills—and this woman can do it over the phone! I haven’t taken this workshop (I plan to tomorrow), but I did take an in-person, experiential workshop with her on “Asking For What You Want,” and it was excellent! So why not grab a little professional development? Maybe I’ll “see” you there. –Lauren

Beyond ‘no’: subtleties and complexities of refusal

12 04 2011

Mythcommunication: It’s Not That They Don’t Understand, They Just Don’t Like The Answer

This piece talks about how a direct ‘no’ is disfavored in western/English-speaking culture and how other kinds of refusals are generally clearly understood. It contains thought-provoking insights into what ‘nos’ work and can push us all to honor our students’ myriad ways of saying ‘no’.



Talk about abusive relationships, change the world

7 10 2010

A study of 6th graders found that 25% thought it was acceptable for boys to hit their girlfriends. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  Talk about it: Here’s what the White House had to say (a good conversation starter).

Survivors’ speak out

21 09 2010

A new place for survivors to share their thoughts, feelings, experiences and support.

When she hits him: why gender and context matter

14 09 2010

This upcoming conference addresses women’s (especially survivors’) use of violence  in a complex and deep way. I learned just in reading the program!

Safety planning via the Internet

11 08 2010

Women who are in abusive relationships need to know about safety planning. Now there’s one more way for them to find it–and find it personalized for them. Researchers at University of Missouri found that an Internet-based program can help women assess the severity of their situations and make safe decisions. The program will be expanded for further study.

(Note also the other great info in the “Related Stories” column on this page.