In The News: Defend Yourself and Lauren Taylor

25 09 2012

This is a really good article written by a reporter who took the class!

Women from Discovery Fit and Health HQ took a Defend Yourself class, and one summarized four really cool new facts she learned as she practiced her new-found techniques.

Lauren’s classes at Defend Yourself are all over the DC area — be sure to check one out when you’re there.


8 Habits of Successful Facebook Pages

25 05 2011

Mashable, that source for news in social and digital media, technology and web culture, has put together a brief list of companies that are successfully using Facebook to grow their interactions with customers. Each company has a “lesson” to be learned based on that experience. The lessons, in short, are:

  1. Ask your staff, customers, vendors, and partners — who already know you and like you — to “Like” your Facebook page first.
  2. Ask a lot of questions. You’ll get valuable feedback, plus you’ll be more likely to appear in your fans’ newsfeeds.
  3. Share lots of photos, and ask your fans to share photos. Facebook’s Photos remain the most viral feature of its platform.
  4. Find the resources to respond to your fans questions and inquiries.
  5. If you have a physical location, use Place Pages and Deals to drive traffic through your doors.
  6. Know your audience well, and when you make a mistake, quickly own up, do right by your audience and fix the problem.
  7. Integrate Facebook outside of your Fan Page, on your website, in as many places as you can. Create more compelling opportunities for people to buy your product based on their friends’ Likes.
  8. Find synergy with other organizations and entities, and then work together to promote each other’s Facebook pages so that everyone benefits.

Better yet, just read the article: That way you’ll see which brand provided which lesson (from the Brooklyn Muesum to Oreo to

Thanks to Lauren Taylor of Defend Yourself for finding this article!

The Challenge

29 03 2011

It’s simple. Really. I’m almost embarrassed to call this a “challenge,” but it is.

If you are an NWMAF supporter you know how much value and growth you get out of the NWMAF, Special Training, the Self-Defense Instructors Conference, and even this blog. Isn’t it worth keeping your cohorts and colleagues in the martial arts up-to-date on this AWESOME organization? I’m asking you to SPREAD THE WORD, and here’ how to do it, early and often.

You’ve already seen that two SDIC presenters have been profiled on this blog, and there’s more to come. We’ve made it easy to share these as they are released. Most, if not all, blogs have this technology.

At the bottom of this post are buttons to share via Facebook, Twitter, email, and a few others. So if you are on Facebook, please “like” these posts.  If you are on Twitter, please “tweet” (or “retweet”) them. Email these posts to your friends. Print them out (there is a Print button!) and post it on your school’s bulletin board. Just one or two clicks of a mouse or trackpad, almost no effort on your part.  Yet if enough of us take the few seconds to click, just imagine how far and wide word of the AMAZING training that awaits us will spread (how deep into that “6 degrees of separation” can we get — think we can reach the White House?). This is viral marketing (which is GOOD, and nothing like a computer virus which is bad). And think of how much your colleagues and cohorts will appreciate your keeping them up on a cutting-edge conference.

Within the next few weeks, more posts about SDIC and ST trainers will be appearing. Please share.

NWMAF’s success comes down to you. Really.

Self-Defense Instructors’ Conference 2011

20 03 2011

The NWMAF’s Self-Defense Leadership Group has been putting together this year’s conference, and it will again be THE premier place for your continuing education.  Sessions on business skills, teaching self-defense to special populations, and adding variety to your classes will be among the offerings.  You will come away with great ideas to enhance your programs, increase enrollment, and take better care of yourself.

The format this year will be a little different from past conferences. “Early Program” SDIC begins Wednesday, July 20th, at 1:00 pm and ends Thursday, July 21st, at 2:00.  However, SDIC sessions will be offered throughout the entire Special Training weekend.  So stay tuned for the schedule and list of trainers!

But if you already know, regardless of the specific trainers and sessions, that this will be one amazing event, then please feel free to register now at the NWMAF website!

Tech Tip: The “QR” Barcode

16 03 2011

We all know that potential students are increasingly finding our services online. While not (yet) the majority of searches, mobile devices are one of the fastest growing segments of the online search stream.

Still, self-defense is not the most common search term, and our market often needs to see (several times) that we exist before they will go searching.  To that end, old-fashioned paper marketing is ideal.  And here is a quick way to get those who come across your paper marketing (be it in a catalog, a poster, a postcard, ad in a local paper, etc.) to come to you online via their smartphone.

QR codes are barcodes that look like square puzzles. But when your smartphone’s barcode app scans it, you can be taken to a website, email, phone, . . . any other information that you can put online.

This website will generate QR codes for you, at no charge:

Scroll down to the “Generate” header.  By default you will be shown the form to enter a URL.  (Other tabs give you the options of Message, Phone, SMS, or Email.)  Type or paste in the URL you want a code for, and submit.  It will give you back a picture file and HTML code to put on your website, if you wish.

If you have a smartphone handy, check out this code: QR Code(Hint: it will take you to the NWMAF website.)

For two examples of how I’ve used this, here are a poster and an ad for a roller derby program.


Rat City Roller Girl Program Ad

Three things to keep in mind:  QR codes can be resized fairly small, but not too small or they can’t be read.  Consider how well your means of replication will be on code clarity (you may need to make it a bit larger if it will be seen as a photocopy of a photocopy). Finally, the code needs to be black on white, so don’t make the white background “clear” to better blend in, or it can’t be read.

In the News: Joanne Factor/Strategic Living

26 02 2011

The recent series of assaults on women is still news in Seattle. Hence, this article in the Seattle University paper on self-defense as a key to women’s safety. NWMAF member Joanne Factor (owner of Strategic Living Safety and Self-Defense Training) was interviewed for the self-defense perspective.

Read the article here:

A key point in this article is the reinforcement that fighting back has worked for these women.  A representative of the Seattle Police Department is recommending that women take self-defense classes.

Is this material that could be used in marketing? [Hint: the correct answer is YES.]

In the News: Anne Kuzminsky

25 02 2011

“To empower women and girls to live safe, peaceful lives, a leader in self-defense and martial arts is offering an open workshop Sat., March 5 to teach women self-defense skills to avoid dangerous encounters.”

And so begins the article featuring Anne Kuzminsky.  In addition to being a leader in self-defense and martial arts, Anne is a long-time member of the National Women’s Martial Arts Federation, has organized and expanded its annual Self-Defense Instructors’ Conference for several years now, and is serving on the NWMAF’s Board of Directors.

Read the article here:

Remember, each article published about you and your classes gives you more public credibility, expert status, and adds to your press kit!